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VIN Identification

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We have exclusive access to the "birth" data of almost every GT race car Porsche manufactured from 1990 through 2002.

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Storage and Prep

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AJR Restorations will store and prep your car for you.

Tractive Suspension

Tractive Suspension

AJR Restorations is the US importer and dealer for Tractive Suspension in the United States.

VIN Identification

AJR Restorations has exclusive access to the "birth" data of almost every GT race car Porsche manufactured from 1990 through 2002.


Porsche Motorsport no longer provides this information to customers. We have been able to access these genuine production data through former Porsche Motorsport employees.


We will provide you with the production number, production date, engine number, first delivery date, invoice date and the series the car was intended for.


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Storage and Race Prep

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AJR Restoration's warehouse is a secure and climate controlled space in Tavares, FL. Located centrally between Sebring and Daytona, we have the perfect location to store your race cars. 


Looking for a day at the track with no worries or snags? Want to be confident all steps were taken correctly between your last event and now? Let AJR Restorations prep your cars between events.

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The unfair advantage you've been looking for to stay ahead of your competition, or simply lower your lap times is here.


Tractive, a groundbreaking suspension company from the Netherlands, is on the forefront of semi-active suspension development. Engineering fully adjustable suspension that can be controlled from in the car by the push of a button.

Electronic damping adjustments are made through the Tractive touch screen display or the push-turn button.


Through these controls the driver is able to adjust the balance of the car by changing front and rear axle damping individually. The driver is also able to adjust the interference by the anti-roll and anti-pitch settings.


The Tractive controller is fitted with an internal 3-axis g-sensor which recognizes movement of the body. According to this body motion, the controller will add or remove damping for each individual damper, reducing body roll or pitch. Simultaneously, optimum grip and wheel control is offered for maximum performance. The Tractive ACE dampers are fitted with Tractive's own patented DDA valve, making any damper setting possible within 6 to 10 milliseconds.

Tractive controller
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The future of suspension is in electronically adjustable suspensions, not in marginally optimizing already fine-tuned suspension in the pits.

Tractive suspension's application has been chosen for special hyper car builds such as the Pagani Huayra, Dallara Stradale, and the RUF CTR4. Visit to learn more or contact for inquiries.