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993 RSR

A rare RED 993 RSR being brought back to factory spec.

This 1996 was ordered from Porsche Motorsport by Jorge Trejos. Porsche Motorsport North America finished the car to 993 RSR specs.
Trejos campaigned the car for a few years. Dennis Aasee updated the car to his specific specifications.
The car was sold to Tyler Stewart Motorsports and campaigned in several HSR events. The car crashed hard in Daytona and was repaired before it was sold to the current owner.
The current owner asked us to return the car to full factory 993 RSR specs. This is a rotisserie restoration and requires extensive change of parts and systems to bring back to factory specifications.
The car was delivered from the factory in red, which was highly unusual, since most cars are white. Once finished, this beautiful red RSR will be in "as new" condition. The current owner intends to use the car, which we applaud. These cars should be seen on track and not just be hidden in collections.
Collect and use will only add value to this car.

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