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1974 AJR IROC 911

We turned this 1979 SC road car into a '74 IROC 911, but AJR style

Starting life as a 1979 SC road car, turned into a race car, and was in the process of turning back into a road car. The idea was to come up with a '74 IROC, but AJR style. So we fitted a modern roll cage, 935 front suspension, and 930 rear suspension with 935 rear camber boxes, 930 calipers, and installed new bodywork to backdate the look. The 3.0 engine is being built by JB Racing and gearbox by Bill Rader Motorsport. Custom oil cooler, tank setup and hidden Motec in the glovebox. Scroll through the pictures below for all the details that went into this special car.

Project Gallery

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